Onderzoek & Innovatie

De wereld rondom ons verandert voortdurend, en ook mensen staan niet stil. Om het juiste antwoord te kunnen blijven bieden voor mensen met een beperking, zetten we daarom sterk in op onderzoek en innovatie. Zo kunnen we niet alleen meegroeien met veranderende vragen en noden, maar deze ook vóór zijn.
We onderzoeken en innoveren samen met onze doelgroep en onze medewerkers, en met externe partners. Interesse om te experimenteren of te cocreëren met Groep Gidts? Contacteer onze coördinator Onderzoek & Innovatie.

Groep Gidts VZW connects and supports the non-profit/social profit organisations Dominiek Savio and Mariasteen. Together we create opportunities with and for people with disabilities. We provide adequate answers to any question or need they may have in the domains of care, education, and employment. To do so, we work together across all departments and with external partners, both in Flanders and abroad.
Our headquarters are in Gits (Hooglede), in the heart of West Flanders. We not only provide services at our own campuses, but also on location throughout the province.
Mission & inspiration
We strongly believe in the potential of people with disabilities. Together with them and with our partners, we create maximum opportunities for a happy and purposeful life in the domains of care, education, and employment. To do so, we use research and innovation as leverage. Above all, we are driven by Christian values, listening first and foremost to the questions and needs of our target group.
Group Gidts clusters and coordinates the services provided by Dominiek Savio and Mariasteen within a workable structure. We set the general direction and stimulate and publicly promote our joint services. In this way we create added value in terms of content, professionalism, and resources, building on the synergy between the two organisations. We also ensure that we remain at alle times true to our shared, core values, which are perfectly captured in our slogan:
If you are allowed to do what you can do, and use this to set something in motion that makes sense, then you will start to believe in yourself, make yourself count in the group and feel Supported.
International projects
We are happy to exchange experiences and knowledge with partners from abroad. Several of our research and innovation projects take place within international networks or collaborations.
We also help non-profit organisations in the South to set up projects within their local community, co-financed by our Golem Fund. Thus, we are currently working with
Bunyo (Uganda), an organisation providing education and training for children whose parents cannot afford the school fees
Kudimba Foundation in Malawi, which provides daycare for children and young people in vulnerable situations, and with SORA in Senegal
SORA (Senegal), providing humanitarian help in the domains of health care, education, and agriculture.
Would you like to know more about what we do, or are you interested in exchanging experiences, or working with us? Please, contact our R&I manager. We are looking forward to meeting you!